Apex Motion Control, specialists in robotics and automation for the baking and food industry, has achieved international reach, thanks to its growing team. Its production facility is based in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada, and it focuses on building turn-key automation systems which include robotics, machine automation, and vision systems.

This Canadian company has been in business since 2000, and since then, it has built a presence in Australia, Chile, Europe, Japan, South Korea, UK, and the United States, with big plans to reach even more customers worldwide throughout 2021.

Apex’s team, which has almost doubled since the start of 2021, shares over 20 years in robotics experience and over 35 years in building conveyor and food automation systems. With its commitment to helping businesses increase capacity, lower manufacturing costs, reduce downtime, and reduce workplace injury, it is looking forward to seeing how it can continue to support a growing international market.