Company: KUKA Robotics

Technology Snapshot: KUKA Robotics has launched KUKA.Sim 4.0, a major enhancement of its modular digital simulation software package. This latest version facilitates accurate planning, programming, safety configuration, and more through digital twins of the automation processes.

The KUKA.Sim software enables manufacturers to test and validate robotic installations before equipment arrives, minimize the footprint of cells with 3D visualization of safety spaces, then transfer applications with 100 percent accuracy to an actual robot controller. In addition, KUKA.Sim 4.0 can program robots offline, analyze cycle times, and expand with new functionalities through add-on modules.

KUKA.Sim 4.0 checks reachability and detects collisions in virtual space to ensure foolproof implementation of programs and cells, minimizing the time and costs of planning tasks as well as actual production downtime. Through a digital twin that matches the physical process, 3D simulation covers the full planning process from design and verification through PLC code, eliminating bottlenecks with full consistency for advance testing and optimization. For system integrators, KUKA.Sim 4.0 saves time and increases project success with solutions that translate directly to customers' production lines.

In industries from consumer goods to electronics and automotive, KUKA.Sim 4.0 makes automation planning easy with a new KUKA Robot Language (KRL) editor that includes expert and beginner onscreen views with a visual program tree that facilitates ease even without previous KRL experience. Drag-and-drop configuration of an extensive library of smart components enables quick investigation of design ideas with accurate calculation of cycle times. Export options include 3D PDF files, detailed 2D mechanical commissioning data and presentation/simulation results for use on virtual-reality hardware or the Mobile Viewer app for smartphones and tablets.

Modular add-ons expand the flexibility and power of KUKA.Sim 4.0 and enable customers to acquire only the level of functionality they need. The Modeling add-on enables users to build a customized library based on the CAD data from the kinematic systems, sensors, material flow and physical behavior of their own robotic installations. The Connectivity add-on commissions robot cells virtually for accurate planning and implementation. The Arc Welding add-on defines robot approach positions and optimal orientations to speed up offline programming.

The my.KUKA customer portal handles new and existing licenses, provides updates and enables prospective customers to obtain a free trial of KUKA.Sim 4.0. The portal also processes software license purchases.