Van’s Kitchen has announced it will now sell its products at all Publix Super Markets, the largest and fastest-growing employee-led supermarket chain in the United States. A certified women-owned and minority operated manufacturer based in Dallas, Van’s Kitchen produces millions of egg rolls each week and is dedicated to empowering underdogs, outsiders, and the "least of these" to rise up and fulfill their dreams.

“Our team has respected Publix and its values for years. We could not be more excited to officially have our products in their beloved stores as an additional option for Asian cuisine,” said Carl Motter, Van’s Kitchen chief revenue officer. “We hope that the shoppers at Publix are able to gather around the table with their friends and families to enjoy our convenient and nourishing egg rolls.”

By the end of 2021, Van’s Kitchen’s Chicken, Pork, and Vegetable egg rolls will be found at most Publix locations. Depending on the consumer's appetite, the egg rolls can be a snack, side, or meal. Each is made with fresh ingredients encased in a crispy, crunchy wrapper.

“We are looking forward to introducing our artisan egg rolls to new customers at Publix locations across the southeast very soon,” said Belinda Hampton, key account manager at Van’s Kitchen. “This meaningful partnership will allow us to continue sharing our mission and love through every egg roll we produce for years to come.”

In addition to Publix, Van’s Kitchen’s egg rolls can be found in thousands of grocers and convenience stores throughout the U.S. The brand has crafted its egg rolls to meet the various needs of its retail partners and therefore can be found in either the refrigerated, freezer or hot deli sections. An official store locator can be found on the Van’s Kitchen website.