According to a 2016 study by the American Baker’s Association and the American Society of Baking, the greatest challenge facing the baking industry is the lack of skilled workforce to fill available positions—an issue significantly exacerbated with the impact of COVID-19.

As part of our commitment to the growth of the baking industry, Puratos is tackling this challenge by providing educational opportunities to today’s youth and creating interest among those who could be the bakers of tomorrow. The virtual Quest for Sourdough Workshop hosted by Puratos USA in summer 2021 was just one of these programs.

Inspired by #SourdoughDifference and the Quest for Sourdough, Puratos invited students nationwide ages 14 and up—through the magic of virtual education—to learn the science of sourdough, discover the various flavor profiles, bake with a sourdough starter, and explore the Puratos’ Sourdough Library in St. Vith, Belgium. Registered students also received a Sourdough Starter Kit to create their own sourdough and begin the Quest themselves.

Participant Larissa Wermers, engineering major at the University of Michigan, explains “I joined [the Quest for Sourdough Workshop] because I enjoy baking and heard that sourdough is a challenging but rewarding process. My favorite part was the session that focused on the different flavors of sourdough where we were able to closely observe and taste the varying profiles of different breads baked with sourdough.”

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