Sanitary solution company Rodem recently launched its new ecommerce portal, giving its customers the ability to order equipment and replacement parts, check inventory levels, pricing, and order status, and request invoices anytime, day or night. Built on a platform that integrates into Rodem’s existing ERP system, the new web store portal pulls updated and accurate live data allowing users to not only shop online but also access tracking, invoice, and order information for orders that were not placed through the portal. 

“We have a saying at Rodem—"the cows don’t know it’s Christmas"—and, working in an industry that operates every hour of everyday, we know that every minute counts when preventing or minimizing downtime,” said Kevin Trauth, vice president of engineering. “Being able to provide our customers with the information they need, when they need it, is another way we strive to continually enhance our customer’s experience through dedicated service.” 

“We recently celebrated our 50th year in business and welcomed new leadership. With an eye to the future, this new platform is another example of how we follow our founder’s motto of ‘onward and upward,’” added Brock Beach, vice president of sales and marketing. “We are excited to leverage our decades of industry experience by packaging it into a new, innovative way to meet our customer’s evolving needs and preferences.” 

Since its founding, Rodem has helped its clients improve their sanitary processes, eliminate waste and downtime, and reduce costs by bringing innovative solutions to the forefront, from integrating the latest processing equipment technology to troubleshooting tricky processing problems and supporting emergency repairs. 

Rodem’s extensive list of products and offerings range from raw material storage to final packaging and includes pumps, valves, instrumentation, heat transfer, cleaning and processing equipment, plant consumables, spare parts, process design, installation, service, and more.