Company: Anthem Oats


Introduced: November 2021

Suggested Retail Price: $3.19-$5.69

Product Snapshot: Anthem Oats, the maker of sustainable family-farmed oatmeal, will launch with the debut of three new lines in fall 2021. Shoppers at Hy-Vee and over 100 natural independents across the Midwest and Northeast will be among the first to experience the brand’s CPG offerings including high-quality traditional oatmeal in Old Fashioned, Steel Cut, and Minute Oats; Oatmeal Cartons in Maple Pecan, Peach & Cranberry, Vanilla Chai, and Pumpkin Spice; and on-the-go cups in Vanilla Chai, Super Fruit, Peach and Cranberry, and Dark Chocolate Brownie.

Grown on the Sumption family farm in South Dakota, in operation since 1882, Anthem Oats brings quality oatmeal from their family to yours. For five generations, the Sumption’s have managed every step of planting, farming, and harvesting. Now run by five brothers—Taylor, Mark, Eric, Chris and Warren—Anthem has partnered with JPG Resources, a food and beverage innovation and commercialization group, to bring those premium oats to breakfast tables across the nation.

“Oats have been in our family for generations, and our philosophy starts with preserving what we do for the next generation. That begins with healthy soil, robust sustainability practices and a regenerative farming approach to resource management,” said Taylor Sumption. “In looking to take our farm to the next level, we looked at some of the work the JPG team has done for other brands and knew their expertise could help share our story and oats with other families. Anthem Oats honors the work my great-great-grandfather started and preserves our family history while opening up opportunities to create new memories for years to come.”

One of the most complex accounts in the history of JPG, the team helped build the brand entirely from the ground up. This included sourcing and finding manufacturers, securing a design team and coordinating an internal brand strategy, complete with naming, package design, and brand identity. Anthem also utilizes JPG’s Wheelhouse team for all day-to-day supply chain management, an operation that proved to be a hurdle for all brands in 2020. Run by industry veteran and business partner of operations, Rick Williams, the Wheelhouse team was created to deliver high-level expertise to emerging and growth-stage food & beverage brands, helping to guide and manage back-of-house operational functions.

“We studied the farm’s operation, geography, capabilities, crops, and legacy in consideration alongside consumer needs and trends,” said Rifle Hughes, innovation and strategy business partner at JPG Resources, who helped lead the project. “When looking at the market, we observed that oats and hot cereals are fairly stagnant and dominated by a singular brand and private label. We ultimately decided oatmeal was ready for a shakeup and was a way for the farm to jump beyond commodities into packaged food. The sector needs the next big thing, but also that familiar, nostalgic go-to that consumers know and love. Made with the passion driving the Sumption family history, we’ve created three lines of oatmeal made in one of the world’s best oat-growing regions, and have no doubt that consumers will love it as much as we do.” 

Anthem Oats are available for purchase online at with an SRP of $4.99 for 11.25 oz. cartons with five 2.25 oz. packets, 3.25 oz. cups for $3.19, and $3.79 to $5.69 for traditional oatmeal options in 30 and 40 oz. canisters. To learn more about Anthem’s portfolio, visit, or for sales inquiries email