Bobo’s, the Colorado-based maker of bars and snacks, is pleased to announce its continued national expansion with the opening of a new facility in Loveland, Colorado. This development will consolidate its two bakeries and one warehouse into one building as part of a $10 Million investment to triple capacity in order to meet the production needs of extraordinary demand.

Since closing its last successful round of Series B funding, led by investors Boulder Investment Group Reprise (BIGR), BFG Partners, and Ridgeline, Bobo’s had a successful opening of its secondary bakery in 2019. Yet the brands continued growth quickly moved beyond the capacity of the new bakery in less than two years, and the brand is yet again in need of a larger facility designed to meet the increased market demand of its tasty, wholesome snacks.

Following an impressive 36 percent compound annual growth rate since 2016 and expanding distribution in both retail and online presence on Amazon and, Bobo’s is anticipated to also grow 40% in 2021. This amount of growth has been an amazing feat during a pivotal consumer landscape shift to online buying and as many supply chain shortages have disrupted production as a result of the pandemic.

The new Loveland facility, which is over 3 times bigger and adding 100,000 square feet of production space than what Bobo’s is currently using, will consolidate three Bobo’s locations- the Boulder bakery operation, the Loveland Bakery and the Loveland warehouse- into one single facility. Along with its manufacturing space, Bobo’s will grow its employee base providing new job creation with additional roles supporting the local community. Its corporate headquarters will remain in Boulder where the company began in 2003.

As Bobo’s continues to expand, the company plans to prioritize sustainability objectives. By consolidating its current facilities, the brand is cutting down the amount of driving needed for materials and employees between facilities throughout the day which is better for both its people and the planet.

“Bobo’s has seen exceptional growth over the last 18 months. During the pandemic the bar category was hit particularly hard, but through the homemade quality of our products we were able to bring our consumers deep comfort in what was an otherwise challenging time,” says TJ McIntyre, CEO of Bobo’s. “This 125,000 sq foot bakery build puts us in a great position to continue producing the delicious products our consumers love and will allow us to grow to over $100M in revenue over the next few years.” 

Bobo’s plans to celebrate the opening of the new facility in Q2 of 2022 with company employees, executives, and local members of the community. To learn more, visit the Bobo’s website at