Puratos and ReGrained are excited to announce a fresh partnership developed for the rising demands of consumers and the producers that serve them. The hundred-year-old global bakery ingredient leader has teamed up with the pioneering sustainable ingredient innovator to offer upcycled solutions for the commercial baking industry through an exclusive collaboration and supply agreement.

Bakery is big business in the United States. The industry exceeded $55 billion in 2020 and is projected to grow at a CAGR of 4.8 percent by 2027. Consumer tastes and expectations for baked goods are rapidly shifting to more healthful, lower-carb and higher-fiber options in convenient formats. Concurrently, 42 percent of consumers report an increased awareness of the environmental impact their food choices represent while consumer consciousness of the positive impact food waste mitigation has on the climate crisis has grown 71 percent since 2019.

“This partnership offers powerful tools for the commercial baking industry to unlock the upcycled food opportunity at scale,” says Dan Kurzrock, Founder & CEO of ReGrained. “Together we can bring clean, elevated nutrition, superb flavor and real sustainability to some of human civilization’s most time-honored food traditions.”

With their complimentary areas of expertise, ReGrained and Puratos are well-positioned to offer solutions at the forefront of industry macrotrends. ReGrained’s Upcycled Food Lab is the innovation platform for upcycled product development. ReGrained SuperGrain+, its first certified upcycled ingredient derived from brewer’s spent grain, delivers a minimum of 3.5-times the dietary fiber and 2-times the plant protein of whole grain flours while lowering net carbs.

Puratos brings an unparalleled depth of global expertise in natural fermentation, health & well- being, enzyme-based technologies, and consumer insights. Together, they share a customer- centric and agile approach for creating scalable and highly marketable baked goods.

“Puratos aims to be the most reliable partner in innovation for the baked goods and chocolate market, which is why we invest so heavily in research and development,” says Michael Gleason, product manager of Bakery for Puratos USA. “We’re committed to helping the next generation create a better and healthier world for all. ReGrained’s leadership in upcycled food innovation is a great fit with our strategic mission.”