ParmCrisps, the artisan-crafted, crunchy crisps made from 100 percent real cheese, has debuted its new “Unsinfully Good” brand campaign. With the intention of making more consumers aware and willing to try ParmCrisps, the integrated marketing campaign showcases ParmCrisps as a heavenly, better-for-you snack that provides all the snacking goodness with none of the guilt. 

The brand’s “Unsinfully Good” campaign is featured across multiple consumer touchpoints including broadcast, via several streaming services, and through a combination of social and digital advertisements. Each brand placement touts ParmCrisps key benefits as the premier guilt-free, low carb and high protein snack. 

To kickstart the ParmCrisps “Unsinfully Good” campaign, the brand will be taking over “Sin City” during a three-day event, from Feb. 5–7, 2022, at the Fashion Show Mall in Las Vegas.  In an attempt to make Sin City “Unsinfully Good,” visitors will have the opportunity to be photographed as a “ParmCrisps Angel” alongside a one-of-a-kind, handcrafted ParmCrisps angel wing mural, painted by a local artist, as well as receive ParmCrisps product samples from the brand’s famed ambassadors, the “ParmCrisps Angels.” 

“With this new creative communication strategy, we hope to establish a connection with consumers on an emotional level, driving both brand relevance and love; reminding consumers that snacking isn’t sinful when eating ParmCrisps, it’s almost angelic,” said Tracy Garbowski, vice president of marketing. “Through our first-ever national media campaign with engaging advertisements, we hope to further accelerate our brand growth, establishing cheese crisps as a category synonymous with ParmCrisps.”

Health-conscious consumers are increasingly looking to make better eating choices as part of a healthier lifestyle—especially during snacking occasions—without compromising the same taste experience they crave from traditional carb-filled snacks, like potato chips and crackers. By choosing ParmCrisps products, consumers are offered an exceptional alternative to carb-filled snacks, with no sacrifice in the taste and flavor variety.

By tapping into the stigma that surrounds snacking, ParmCrisps strategic advertisements are sure to remind consumers not all snacks are created equal. ParmCrisps can be consumed free of the guilt that often surrounds between meal cravings, offering nutritional benefits, including low carbs, high protein, and zero sugars, as well as simple, quality ingredients. For more information on ParmCrisps and where to buy, visit