Bedford Industries recently launched a new web app tool to help bakeries make informed bag closure and compatible automation purchasing decisions. 

The tool compares Bedford Twist Tie closures and Kwik Lok brand closures, which are two different types of bag closures used by the baking industry. Users can enter information related to their quoted prices for machines and materials, and adjust parameters related to line speed and uptime. An individualized report is then generated with a Return on Investment for conversions and a Total Cost of Ownership over 10-years for new capital equipment.

The tool is designed to simplify the one-to-one comparison between the closures, which is otherwise difficult due to quoting variables between each company, such as cost per spool vs. cost per thousand of closures.

“We understand there are many considerations to make when determining the best purchasing decisions for a bakery—time and money among the top,” said Bedford President Jay Milbrandt. “We hope this tool empowers bakeries with the knowledge to make the best closure decision based on their unique priorities and needs.” 

The report also includes savings related to productivity and environmental impact, which bakeries may not typically factor into their calculations.

Bakeries can use the free tool online at