Sundays, the first zero-sugar creme cookie, founded by entrepreneur Jody Polishchuk, has launched nationwide. The brand   debuts  with its first flavor, Cookies & Creme, which tastes just like the classic but contains no sugar, 7 grams of protein, no sugar alcohols, and only one net carb. Sundays Cookies & Creme Cookie variety is available on for $35.97 (three boxes).

As the low-sugar movement continues to dominate the CPG industry, Polishchuk was intrigued by the success of brand’s recreating childhood favorites, but noticed a gap in seemingly the most nostalgic category: cookies. A personal favorite of his, Polishchuk set out to recreate "that" iconic creme-filled cookie, which not only tasted as good, but did not include all of the sugar and unrecognizable ingredients in the original product. Over three years in development, Sundays developed a proprietary baking mix of almond flour, whey protein isolate, and oat fiber, along with cocoa powder and alluose as its core ingredients.

“I was baffled looking at the better-for-you category and not seeing a low- or no-sugar cookie that hit on the nostalgia of some of my favorite cookies,” said Jody Polishchuk, founder of Sundays. “The  process of creating a creme cookie that emulates its traditional counterparts was no easy feat. We spent years and tested numerous formulas to land on the final product [and] I can say without hesitation that the taste is unparalleled.”

With the launch of Sundays, the brand looks to introduce consumers to its zero-sugar cookies, with more flavor drops and innovation coming in 2023. To learn more about Sundays, visit and follow along on Instagram @eatsundays.