Adding to its family of brands and introducing expanded capabilities, Venus Wafers unveiled its newest brand, South Shores Puff Snacks. Billed as a crossover of healthy and flavorful in a snack, these puffs reportedly will enable Venus Wafers to grow full-scale in the snacking category with a new option.

“South Shore Puff Snacks is the perfect complement to the crackers and flatbreads we’re known for,” says James Anderko, vice president of sales. “Our investment in a puff machine underscores our commitment to staying on the cutting edge of our industry, while the simple, non-GMO, nutrient-packed ingredients of the puff snacks illustrate our continued dedication to providing healthier snack options.”

Named for the Massachusetts location of Venus Wafers, South Shore Puff Snacks offer a protein-packed puff snack that’s intended to be crunchy, flavorful, and wholesome. Available in vegan cheddar, barbecue, and chili lime flavors, these puffs snacks can be purchased in 4oz and 1.5oz bags. “The puffs are a fun and exciting snack option,” says Anderko. “And like our crackers and flatbreads, they’re a healthier alternative to chips.”

Venus Wafers previously unveiled updated branding for its Mariner and CäPeachio’s brands, as part of a company-wide initiative to evolve the packaging of all Venus Wafers products across the board. “We are committed to staying relevant and connected with the modern shopper, without sacrificing the quality snacks we’re known for,” says Anderko.