Noodle Girl launched a crispy corn snack in January for Lunar New Year celebrations. Chef Hang Truong, who has made her mother’s recipe available to her customers for years, is now making it available for sale throughout the U.S. The recipe for the snack was developed by Chef Hang’s mother, during the Vietnam War. To keep the tasty treat authentic, Chef Hang imports corn from Vietnam that is used in the recipe.

“I grew up in the South of Vietnam, and worked in my mother’s noodle shop. During the war, money was scarce, my mother developed this recipe for our family, and it was a treat that we looked forward to,” said Chef Hang. “It brings me great joy to make this snack available for everyone to enjoy, and it’s perfect for celebrating the Lunar New Year.”

Noodle Girl, located in the La Cocina incubator in San Francisco, operates as a catering company throughout the Bay Area. Chef Hang will be serving a traditional Vietnamese tasting set on the upcoming holiday, available for pick-up only at La Cocina, 2948 Folsom Street, San Francisco. 

The crispy corn snacks are available for purchase at La Cocina in San Francisco, and online at, for $5.50. They are also available at select retailers nationwide for purchase.