McCain Foods has announced the launch of McCain Mini Mashers. The potato shareable offers a soft creamy center and a crispy exterior that cooks in under three and a half minutes.

“In late 2021, we partnered with Boston Consulting Group to study 10,000 diners,” said Tracy Hostetler, vice president, head of North American Potato Marketing at McCain Foods. “The goal was to gain insight on the post pandemic restaurant landscape. Among other findings, we learned how crucial the meal experience is to todays’ diners and since signature dishes provide memorable moments, we developed McCain Mini Mashers.”  

While potatoes as tots, wedges, spirals, and waffles are menu favorites, McCain Mini Mashers introduce a new form that’s poppable. As the basis for all sorts of creative dishes, McCain Mini Mashers give restaurant operators a simple way to drive sales and keep customers coming back.  

“McCain Mini Mashers are a craveable addition to any menu, and they stand up to seasoning, saucing, and tossing without losing their distinct shape,” said Chef Mark Slutzky, director of culinary, McCain Foods. “Customizable with minimal prep, they streamline back-of-house prep and make it easy to create wow-worthy experiences.” 

Creating unique menu items with McCain Mini Mashers provides a simple, immediate way to boost incremental sales and margins. By bringing their own ideas and style to McCain Mini Mashers, operators can create customizable signature dishes that build traffic and loyalty.