Setton Pistachio of Terra Bella, Inc., the second-largest pistachio grower and processor in the U.S., is expanding its line of premium pistachios by opening a fully dedicated USDA organic-certified facility, Setton Organic, LLC. Located in Ducor, CA, five miles south of the main processing plant. Setton’s products will now include SKUs in the rapidly growing organic category, with retail and bulk lines offering both roasted and raw in-shell and kernel pistachios.

"Our philosophy of expanding thoughtfully and sustainably drives all our efforts," says Setton Farm COO Mia Cohen. "Offering the world our nutrient-dense organic pistachios is simply the next step in this process."

Growing premium, organic pistachios begin in Setton Farms’ orchard. Natural repellants mitigate crop damage while the soil is fortified with compost from the pistachio hulls, leaves, and branches sorted out during harvest. All equipment and silos are certified for use by CCOF, granting Setton’s products the official USDA organic seal.

Setton’s processing method uses three sorting techniques and a proprietary pasteurization system. Automated inspection, sampling, and packing streamline the process from start to finish. This technologically advanced 45,000-square-foot operating facility is equipped with four retail packaging lines and three bulk packaging lines, which will offer both roasted and raw in-shell and kernel pistachios. The certified organic classic roasted salted variety is available now in a 7-ounce resealable bag. A versatile new display ships preloaded and can hang from a quarter-pallet bin or stand upright on the provided base.

Setton Farms organic pistachios are available in stores nationwide and on Amazon. Setton will also offer their new organic pistachios, along with their full product line, at the Natural Products Expo West trade show at booth number 5626 on Thursday, March 9 through Saturday, March 11 in Anaheim, CA.