McKee Foods announced the launch of Little Debbie Strawberry Swiss Rolls in early March. Shoppers can expect to see the brightly colored cartons in stores shortly thereafter. McKee Foods Creative Services Manager Jill Sito describes the new packaging design as “rich and bold, setting it apart from the traditional Swiss Rolls.”

“With such an eye-catching pop of color, paired with the iconic Swiss Rolls font, they’re sure to be instantly recognizable,” adds Sito. “Overall, the new packaging for Strawberry Swiss Rolls not only looks stylish but also effectively communicates the product’s flavor and quality.”

When asked about their decision to expand on the Swiss Roll line by adding flavor variety, Little Debbie Product Manager Erica Cunningham says, “Our consumers expressed that they liked the uniqueness of a Strawberry Swiss Roll, considering it a refreshing change from the majority vanilla and chocolate combos, and we couldn’t agree more. It’s the first time McKee Foods has introduced a year-round flavor extension to the classic Swiss Roll since their launch in 1967, so this is a big deal for Little Debbie enthusiasts.”

 As an expansion to a Little Debbie original, Strawberry Swiss Rolls consist of the same chocolate cake fans know and love, rolled around fluffy strawberry-flavored creme and encased with rich fudge coating. Each carton includes 12 twin-wrapped cake rolls and will retail at a suggested price of $2.59. For those in the market for a little variety from a trusted brand, Little Debbie Strawberry Swiss Rolls are sure to deliver a taste of nostalgia with a delightful twist in every bite.