California Pizza Kitchen (CPK) Frozen Pizza is heating up the freezer aisle with two new Croissant Inspired Thin Crust pizzas—and a new collaboration with Mike's Hot Honey. The Croissant Inspired Crust pizzas offer a new twist on the frozen pizza brand's signature crispy thin crust. The dough's flaky layers create an eating experience that is airy on the inside and golden-brown on the outside.

These two new elevated flavor varieties from CPK Frozen Pizza include Uncured Pepperoni & Hot Honey, a zesty, marinara-based pie topped with 100% real mozzarella cheese and uncured pepperoni. Each pizza comes with its own serving of Mike's Hot Honey, allowing fans to customize their level of sweet heat.

Also available is Bacon & Caramelized Onion featuring a buttery, creamy brie sauce; and topped with roasted garlic, mozzarella cheese, savory bacon, and rich, caramelized onion.

"New croissant inspired crust pizzas are a delicious twist on our CPK thin crust and give consumers new elevated toppings they're looking for like hot honey," said Elizabeth Hanculak, senior brand manager at Nestlé. "It's yet another example of our ability to leverage rapid innovation alongside the brand's heritage and California roots to provide a premium at-home eating experience."

The new product release also marks the first time Mike's Hot Honey has teamed up with a national frozen pizza brand, offering a unique flavor collaboration with California Pizza Kitchen frozen pizza. Founded in 2010, Mike's Hot Honey is known as an industry leader of the "sweet heat" flavor trend. The sweat-heat topping is made using high-quality, 100% pure honey infused with chilies and vinegar.

"Pizza is a part of our brand heritage, so when California Pizza Kitchen reached out about adding a Mike's Hot Honey drizzle to their new Croissant Inspired Crust line, we were excited," says Mike's Hot Honey Founder Mike Kurtz.  "The unique crust is a delicious twist on frozen pizza and pairs perfectly with our chili infused honey. We're confident consumers are going to enjoy this new frozen pizza line and we're happy to be a part of it."


CPK Croissant Inspired Crust Pizza is available nationwide starting in April at retailers including Target and Meijer. All varieties available for a MSRP of $10.91 each (prices may vary by retailer).


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