SNAC International Business Members unanimously approved a new slate of officers to serve on the Executive Committee, as well as a new class of directors-at-large to serve on the Association’s board of directors. Justin Spannuth of Unique Snacks begins his one-year term as new board chairman. On March 20, SNAC’s Associate Business Members approved a new Associate Executive Council (AEC) slate of officers, as well as two new AEC directors-at-large. Tina Hacker with Land O’Lakes was elected to serve as new AEC president. 

“It is an honor and my pleasure to serve our industry through the Chairmanship position and work alongside the incredibly talented SNAC International team,” said Justin Spannuth of Unique Snacks, newly elected chairman. “SNAC International has made great strides over the last few years and is now in a very innovative and hyper growth mindset, which is right up my alley. Getting this opportunity to have a voice in how SNAC can better represent the industry through focuses on startup brands, additional suppliers and services, aggressive growth of our voice in Washington, as well as a better understanding of the international side of snacking. There are many key goals and objectives that will be strategically implemented over the coming years, and I look forward to the challenge of helping to create the vision, process, and path.” 

SNAC International’s 2023–2024 Executive Committee is as follows: 

  • Chairman: Justin Spannuth, Unique Snacks 
  • 1st vice chairman: Hector De La Barreda, The Hershey Company 
  • 2nd vice chairman: Michelle Reardon, Campbell Snacks 
  • Past chairman: Mike Harper, Rudolph Foods 
  • Past chairman: Dan Sifer, Herr Foods 
  • Treasurer: Clifton Hilario, Hippeas 
  • Secretary: Leanne Oliver, PepsiCo Foods North America 
  • Associate executive council president: Tina Hacker, Land O’Lakes, Inc. 
  • SNAC president & CEO: Christine Cochran, SNAC International 

The following Directors-at-Large begin their terms on the Board: 

  • Kevin Brick, Utz Brands, Inc. – 3-year term 
  • Julie Calef, Old Dutch Foods – 1-year term 
  • Bernard Kreilmann, Eagle Family Foods, LLC – 3-year term 
  • Bruce Myers, Benestar Brands – 3-year term 
  • Megan Reamer, Jackson’s – 3-year term 
  • Mark Brogan, Printpack – 3-year term 

SNAC Associate Members also voted to approve a new Associate Executive Council (AEC). The AEC is the governing body representing Associate Members. With the goal of enhancing networking opportunities between suppliers and snack producers, the AEC makes recommendations to the board, providing a voice for associate members and ensuring all of SNAC’s events and offerings provide enhanced value for the group. 

The 2023–2024 AEC slate is as follows: 

AEC Officers: 

  • President: Tina Hacker, Land O’Lakes 
  • 1st vice president: Jeff Almond, Heat and Control 
  • 2nd vice president: Chad McDonald, Bryce Corporation 
  • Secretary: Mike Cantore, Carolina Ingredients 
  • Past president: Lisa Stern, LifeSpice 

AEC directors-at-large:

  • Mark Brogan, Printpack – 3-year term 
  • Alec Pratto, FOCKE & CO – 3-year term 
  • Dulcinea Freymoyer, Reading Bakery Systems – 2nd of 3-year term 
  • Andre Bouquet, Packaging Corporation of America – 2nd of 3-year term 
  • Kevin Pecha, AZO Inc. – 3rd of 3-year term 

“We are beyond grateful to Mike Harper for his many contributions to the board as chairman,” said Christine Cochran, president and CEO of SNAC International. “We are thrilled to welcome Justin as our newest chair of the board. We know his energy and innovation at Unique Snacks will carry through to SNAC International’s initiatives for years to come.” 

For a complete list of the SNAC board of directors and associate executive council, click here