Upcycled Foods (UP Inc.) has announced announce the launch of the first upcycled bread items co-developed with Kroger for its Simple Truth store brand. Designed from scratch, the innovative upcycled bread line includes two SKUs that tap into consumers’ demand for delicious, nutritious, and sustainable food options. Both Upcycled Certified breads contain 10% of ReGrained SuperGrain+, UP Inc.’s flagship ingredient. ReGrained SuperGrain+ contributes unique flavor depth, naturally fortified nutritional attributes, and an authentic sustainability story.

The month of April marks two auspicious moments that draws attention to the disturbing fact that 35-40% of the global food supply is wasted each year. UP Inc. celebrates Food Waste Prevent Week (April 10-16) and Stop Food Waste Day (April 26) by showcasing the new upcycled bread line as a solution to building a zero-food waste economy.

Today, 52% of consumers report an increased awareness of the environmental impact their food choices represent and are seeking items that support a more sustainable food system. Choosing products that are made with upcycled ingredients are an easy way for consumers to make an immediate impact at the point of sale. In fact, 57% of shoppers indicate that they intend to buy more upcycled food, and one in three are specifically interested in bakery products made from upcycled ingredients.

“Upcycled ingredient innovation is one of the most actionable solutions for food brands to be more sustainable. We are thrilled to help catalyze Kroger’s efforts to bring their Zero Hunger | Zero Waste commitment to life on store shelves” says Dan Kurzrock, founder & CEO of UP Inc. “These breads win against category incumbents on flavor alone—giving consumers an accessible opportunity to make an impact with every purchase.”

The new Simple Truth upcycled items—Seeded Multigrain Bread and Multigrain Quinoa Bread—are rolling out nationwide to approximately 1,800 store bakery departments across 18 retail banners of The Kroger Co. They are also available for purchase at Kroger.com for delivery or pick-up (not shipping). Both breads come in 17.6-ounce package size at a retail price of $5.99.