Folk Revival, a new natural foods company, is launching a line of Hot Cereal cups nationwide. Each cup contains 20g of protein, is low-carb, keto-friendly, made with wild harvested acorns, and can be eaten both hot and cold.

Folk Revival, founded by natural foods industry veteran David Cantor, is focused on reviving heirloom and heritage foods. Its first product launch, Hot Cereal cups, contain acorns.

“Acorns have been consumed by people for millennia and are consumed around the world today. They have profound environmental and health benefits and are a largely untapped resource right under our feet. We are excited to introduce acorns to a wider audience in North America, share their benefits, and tell their story,” says Cantor.

Folk Revival Hot Cereal cups are available in four flavors and have an SRP of $3.99. They can be purchased nationwide today on,, and The brand is also rolling out to select retailers nationwide.

According to Cantor, “We saw an opportunity in the industry for a new sustainable, clean label brand with keto offerings. Most keto brands aren’t particularly clean and don’t emphasize sustainability, and most clean label natural food brands don’t offer keto items. We saw this as an opportunity to marry our expertise in heirloom and heritage ingredients and offer really functional recipes with incredible benefits. The reaction from retailers has been very encouraging.”