Bascom Maple Farms, a supplier of 100% pure and organic maple syrup and maple sugar, has highlighted how its maple products can help food and baked goods manufacturers incorporate natural sweetness into pastries, desserts, and confectionery items. Whether used as a binder, sweetener, or flavor enhancer, maple syrup and maple sugar are versatile and clean label ingredients that can help baked goods stand out in the marketplace.  

According to Mintel’s US, 2023 In-store Bakery report, 82% of consumers agree they are purchasing the same amount of in-store bakery items or more this year, despite rising inflation rates. While most consumers view bakery purchases as an indulgence rather than an everyday stop for groceries, opportunities to encourage consumers to increase purchases of bakery goods are available by utilizing messaging and positioning that incorporate nostalgia, exclusivity, and sensory experiences.

“Bascom maple syrup and sugar are the perfect ingredients to naturally add delectable sweetness and mouthfeel to baked goods,” says Arnold Coombs, executive director of sales and marketing, Bascom Maple Farms. “Traditional cane sugar is a staple ingredient in the bakery industry that provides sweetness, texture, moisture, and more to various products. However, with health and wellness trends continuously growing in popularity, consumer attitudes are shifting, and the demand for alternative sweeteners and cleaner labels is more important than ever.”

Coombs adds, “Our maple products are familiar ingredients with strong consumer appeal, and they are always sustainably sourced and made with 100% pure maple syrup from New England and Canada. Like traditional sugar, maple can be used to contribute subtle flavor, browning, and moisture to bakery products—all while providing wholesome goodness and proudly wearing a clean label. From use in traditional cookies and cakes to decadent ganache fillings and melt-in-your-mouth icings, Bascom’s maple syrup and sugar make the perfect alternative sweeteners to meet the demands of today’s marketplace.”

Bascom Maple Farms’ natural and organic maple syrup and maple sugar reportedly help manufacturers consistently deliver the following advantages:

  • Enhances flavor, texture, and visual appeal
  • 100% plant-based/vegan (as opposed to honey, an insect by-product)
  • A source of micronutrients, with its antioxidant, mineral, and bioactive plant compounds
  • Meets in-demand label claims such as clean label, organic, and all-natural
  • A wild crop-harvested, more sustainable sweetener

“Maple carries a healthy halo with consumers and is a great choice to add dimension to food and beverage applications that can be enjoyed every day, year-round,” comments Coombs. “Maple syrup is lower in sweetness, calories, and glycemic index than cane sugar, making it perfect for clean label products. And because maple is not highly refined like traditional cane sugar, it is also chock-full of inherent minerals, antioxidants, and bioactive plant compounds. With three available maple syrup grades each offering a unique flavor and color profile, our experts can help you determine the right maple syrup or maple sugar that will achieve the goals for your product.”

Available in all grades, each offering a unique flavor and color profile, with a variety of easy-to-use forms, sizes, and packaging—from glass bottles to drums and totes. The formulation experts at Bascom can shorten your learning curve and help get high-quality, new products out of R&D and onto retailers’ shelves faster.