Nature Valley is inviting everyone to savor the summer with its newest innovation, Nature Valley Savory Nut Crunch Bar, the brand's first savory snack. Available in three flavors—Everything Bagel, White Cheddar, and Smoky BBQ—each flavor profile creates an entirely new Nature Valley experience in one crispy nut bar, a departure from the classic Oats ‘n Honey bars that its fans know and love.

“Nature Valley is known for introducing the first mainstream granola bar to consumers, and since 1975 we’ve continued to innovate and find new ways to shake up the bars aisle,” said Ray Joncas, vice president and business unit director, bars, at General Mills. “Snacking fans now have the best of both worlds with our new Savory Nut Crunch Bars as a companion to our traditional whole grain oat granola bars.”

The addition of this new crispy nut bar is driven by consumer demand for more savory snack options, with 63% of Americans having a strong preference for savory or salty snacks and 74% looking to reduce sugar intake in their daily diets. Nature Valley Savory Nut Crunch Bars offer the same grab-and-go convenience in a one-bar pack by using a proprietary binding process that removes the need for sugar binders to keep them intact.

“Our new technology has enabled us to solve a consumer need for convenient snacks that don't require the use of syrups and sugars to bind the bars together,” said Ali Shaikh, senior brand manager, bars innovation at General Mills. “This has unlocked an opportunity for us to craft Nature Valley snack bars with 2g of sugar in surprisingly savory flavors, delivering on a whole new set of cravings.”

Nature Valley Savory Nut Crunch Bars are now available at grocery stores nationwide for a suggested MSRP of $4.79 for a 5-count box. To explore all of Nature Valley’s offerings, visit and follow Nature Valley on FacebookInstagram, Twitter, and TikTok.

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