Stone & Skillet, LLC and Upcycled Foods, Inc. (UP, Inc.) have announced the launch of a premium Super Grains English Muffin. The Upcycled Certified and Non-GMO product innovation is distinguished by a dough featuring a hearty inclusion of ReGrained SuperGrain+. This upcycled hero ingredient is created from the nutritious grain left over from beer brewing that is packed with plant protein, dietary fiber, and prebiotics.

Stone & Skillet's new Super Grains English Muffin boasts a toasty flavor and a crispy texture on the outside, with a soft and doughy inside. It was created to offer an elevated addition to any breakfast, brunch, or snack, and is perfect for those who want to do their part in reducing food waste. The inclusion of ReGrained's SuperGrain+ fortifies this muffin to be an excellent source of dietary fiber, with 6g per serving on top of 6g of protein.

Stone & Skillet’s leadership was inspired by the win-win-win offered by extending their growing brand into upcycling. “We experimented with our friends at UP, Inc.—the pros at upcycling—and were inspired by their ReGrained SuperGrain+ ingredient innovation. The result of our experimentation is a muffin with a distinctive flavor and nutrition profile. This partnership strengthens our commitment to sustainably-sourced ingredients, and I’m excited to add our new Super Grains innovation to our product portfolio.” says Cam Meekins, founder & CEO at Stone & Skillet.

Dan Kurzrock, co-founder & CEO of UP, Inc. shared, “We're excited to partner with Stone & Skillet and bring a sustainable and nutritious breakfast option to consumers. Our mission is to support brands in creating innovative products that are better for the planet and for people. This product brings that promise to life in an exciting new category.”

Upcycling is increasingly popular among consumers and has been topping the trends lists of retailers like Whole Foods and Kroger. In a consumer study conducted by Mattson, 95% of consumers think it’s important to do their part to reduce food waste, and 57% intend to buy more upcycled food. According to (SPINS), Upcycled Certified products enjoyed a 21% growth in sales between 2021 and 2022.

Angie Crone, Upcycled Food Association CEO commented, "UFA is proud to see companies like Stone & Skillet, LLC. leading the way by offering Upcycled Certified products, which will play a crucial role in driving industry-wide change and encouraging widespread consumer adoption. This move towards sustainability is an important step forward for our food system and we're excited to see more companies follow this path."

The Stone & Skillet Super Grains English Muffins are set to enter distribution in a 4-ct. 12-oz. bakery packet with an MSRP of $5.99 in mid-May, initially through the national online grocery retailers, Imperfect Foods, and Misfits Market. Distribution will expand more broadly over the summer into brick-and-mortar retailers and ecommerce. Reach out to for more information.