Ciranda, a North American provider of certified organic, non‐GMO, and fair‐trade food ingredients, has announced the launch of three new syrups to help CPG brands and product developers create new products that meet consumer demand for less sugar in their diets.

The new syrups include Tapioca Syrup RS18, available non-GMO; Agave Syrup AL40, available organic and non-GMO; and Agave Syrup IN10, available organic and non-GMO. They can be used as single-syrup replacements for traditional syrups, or combined in products including desserts, bars, ice cream, cereals, beverages, gummies, among others.

According to a recent survey by the International Food Information Council (IFIC), 72% of consumers say they are trying to either reduce sugar or avoid it entirely. The IFIC study also notes that consumers prefer sugar to artificial sweeteners. Research by Mintel shows similar results, with three in five consumers choosing low-sugar products. The Kerry Health and Nutrition Institute recently noted sugar reduction as the top trend shaping the food industry for 2023.

“At Ciranda, we listen closely to our customers, and we repeatedly heard them say their options to reduce sugar were limiting," says Don Trouba, director of Go-To-Market for Ciranda. "In response, we collaborated with our global partners to develop three syrups, sourced from agave and tapioca, that help with sugar reduction. With these new products, brands can now achieve sugar reduction while staying true to their certifications and clean label goals."

Following are descriptions of Ciranda’s three new syrups. They are available in pails, drums and IBC totes for bulk commercial orders. All three syrups are available for sampling.

Tapioca Syrup RS18

Tapioca Syrup RS18 is a clear, mildly viscous syrup produced from tapioca starch. Its sweetness is similar to Ciranda’s tapioca syrup DE40, but with 38 percent less sugar. Tapioca syrup RS18 has exceptional film-forming and binding properties typically found in lower DE syrups. This makes it an effective single-syrup solution in bars, confections and gummy supplements. RS18 tapioca syrup is Non-GMO Project Verified.

Agave Syrup AL40

Organic Agave Syrup AL40 is a sweet, light amber syrup produced from the Blue Agave plant.

A portion of the fructose is converted into allulose, resulting in a sweet syrup with 40 percent less sugar and 40 percent fewer calories than Ciranda’s standard agave syrup. AL40 agave syrup can be used to create better labels in frozen desserts, beverages and cereals. It is certified USDA Organic and Non-GMO Project Verified.

Agave Syrup IN10

Organic Agave Syrup IN10 is a light amber syrup produced from the Blue Agave plant. It has nine percent less sugar and eight percent fewer calories than Ciranda’s standard organic agave syrup, with 10% of the solids retained as prebiotic inulin fiber. Agave Syrup IN10 can help achieve better labels in functional food and beverage applications. It is certified USDA Organic and Non-GMO Project Verified.