BoMill AB has signed an agreement worth approximately 1.0 MSEK with a leading multinational grain processing company. The agreement is part of a project evaluating BoMill InSight and covers a six-month rental period.

In line with its sustainability goals, the customer, a global group with grain processing activities in different parts of the world, is continuously looking for ways to reduce its environmental footprint while improving production efficiency. The quality sorting of the BoMill technology, based on grains’ inner properties, has been identified as a technology with potential to support the group’s supply chain. By helping recover downgraded grain, in particular in developing markets, BoMill’s latest grain sorting solution—BoMill InSight—can further optimize the use of domestic production, reducing loss while further enhancing the quality of what is subsequently produced.

The order is part of a project evaluating the BoMill technology, at the industrial scale, to support further investments in the future. The value of the order is approximately 1.0 MSEK for a six-months rental period with the option to purchase the equipment at the end of the period. BoMill InSight will be installed in a grain silo in Latin America. The delivery is scheduled for Q3 2023.

“BoMill is very excited about the collaboration with such a leading player in the grain industry”, said Andreas Jeppsson, CEO of BoMill AB. “We are looking forward to fully supporting that first case and further exploring others together. This agreement, following the previous orders received for BoMill InSight, shows that our focused sales and marketing approach towards selected key segments is delivering.”

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