Wilde Brands, Inc. has announced the latest addition to its lineup of flavor- and fuel-packed protein chips: Barbeque, now available nationwide at Walmart and other national retailers.

Inspired by tangy barbequed chicken, Wilde Barbeque Protein Chips are what happens when crunch, protein from real ingredients, and bold, "everything-but-the-grill" flavors collide. Made with 100% all-natural chicken breast, bone broth, and egg whites, each serving offers 10g of protein plus only 1g of sugar and 8g of carbs—50% less carbs per serving than the most popular barbeque-flavored potato chip. Wilde Barbeque Protein Chips are available now in retailers nationwide at an MSRP of $7.99 for a 4-oz. bag.

"We are known for taking classic potato chip flavors and turning them into delicious protein chips that are made with chicken breast as the first ingredient. It's a healthy swap and doesn't sacrifice any of the flavor, crunch, or fun that people crave in potato chips," said Jason Wright, founder & CEO, Wilde Brands.

"So with sweet, sweet summertime here at last, we wanted to apply the same switch-up to barbeque chips. When we started creating these, we knew we were onto something great. Not only is barbeque a classic chip flavor, but barbequed chicken is one of the most simple, tried-and-true chicken dishes. Why wouldn't a barbeque chip made from chicken be awesome?" Wright continued. "We're so proud of this product, which will satisfy your savory cravings and also fuel you up for whatever this summer might bring, whether it's biking, hiking, wake surfing, or backyard charades."

The launch of Wilde Barbeque Protein Chips comes right in time for a season of snacking. According to a 2020 survey from Statista, Barbeque is the second most popular potato chip flavor, after plain. Knowing that consumers are seeking items that are high in protein, Wilde is excited to serve the Barbeque-loving market with a product that's more satisfying thanks to real, nutrient-dense ingredients.