Snack brand S’NOODS, the winning product from Netflix’s cooking competition show Snack vs Chef, is hitting retail shelves across the country this week. 

Conceptualized and founded by Lauryn Bodden after winning the challenge in 2022, the products consist of various kinds of pasta that are either air-popped or baked to make them snackable. S’NOODS is making its official entry into the U.S. snack market with three flavors:

  • Cavatappi Carbonara: Reminiscent of the pasta dish, this air-popped noodle chip is coated in buttery Parmesan flavor and subtle smoky (meat-free) pancetta undertones
  • Rigatoni Basil Pomodoro: This tubular, air-popped noodle chip delivers notes of roasted tomatoes, caramelized garlic, red pepper flake, basil, and Parmesan to bring it all together.
  • Spicy Miso Ramen: Bite-sized clusters of ramen are baked, then tossed in a brothy seasoning of savory miso, ginger, porcini mushrooms, and togarashi for a soothing start and fiery finish.  

S’NOODS is made with a proprietary flour protein blend (rice flour, potato flour, tapioca flour, chickpea flour, chickpea protein concentrate) to resemble more of a chip than a puff. The brand uses upcycled ingredients where possible (potato flour, seasonings). It also uses sustainable and locally sourced ingredients such as sunflower oil for added health benefits. The brand is non-GMO and gluten-free certified, made completely in a gluten-free facility. According to the brand, it is one of the healthier options in the snack aisle as it is air-popped and baked versus fried. S’NOODS has 2g of protein per serving, 3.5g of fat, and 120 calories.

For the last year, Bodden reportedly has been reformulating the flavors and tweaking the pasta shapes ahead of the brand’s official debut to help make her dream of snacking on pasta into an actual reality. According to the brand, S’NOODS is focused on introducing bold flavors in a better-for-you way, while also keeping sustainability and nutrition top of mind. It has a versatile consumer use case since can be more than just a snack; S’NOODS can also be used as a crunchy topping for items like salads or baked pasta dishes. The company reports the snack is suitable for a “high-brow low-brow” food experience whether consumers are on the go, refueling, or entertaining. 

Millennials and Gen-Zers are defying decades of advice to stop snacking, and instead, make it a pantry staple— 49% of U.S. consumers eat snacks three times a day (according to IBIS World’s Snack Food Production in the US Report June 2022). Through Bodden's unconventional work path in the food and beverage industry, she learned firsthand what consumers wanted when it came to meals. She also understood the global flavors S’NOODS is inspired by as she cooked in each of the regions as a private chef with travel outfit Sailing Collective. She’s also assisted food writer Gail Simmons and was a food editor at Martha Stewart’s meal prep business Marley Spoon and at The Spruce Eats. 

S’NOODS will be available in more than 50 retail locations by launch through retail partners Foxtrot (a finalist in Foxtrot’s Up and Comers 2023) and Pop Up Grocer, along with being sold in 20+ local New York retailers. The brand is available directly online at, shipping across the country. S’NOODS suggested retail price is $6.99 per bag (3oz/85g) and sold online in 3-packs at $18.50 in either individual flavors or a variety pack. 

Bodden’s vision for the brand was executed by design partner Ketz Designs and Noise 13 to create whimsical bold packaging to shake up the snack aisle. From launching the concept on Kickstarter (raising $30,000) to selling out the brand in local retail and hosting monthly community events, S’NOODS is reportedly looking to grow its community of consumers who have helped the brand evolve over the last year.