For the first time in the brand’s 144-year history, Bimbo Bakeries' Thomas’ brand is launching a new brand character as part of its Huzzah! A Toast to Breakfast campaign: Thom. 

A proper young man with a strong British accent, Thom has emerged from his home in the pantry to help those lost in the busy morning shuffle take the time to savor breakfast once again. His quirky commentary mixes his not-of-this-time Regency-era charm with a steadfast commitment to making mornings more delicious, resulting in hilarious exchanges with the families he encounters, per the brand. 

To bring Thom to life, the campaign showcases his morning escapades in multiple advertising spots now live across digital advertising, social media, and linear TV featuring the entire range of Thomas’ breakfast portfolio: from English Muffins to bagels, swirl bread, and beyond. Shouting his signature catchphrase ‘Huzzah!’ at every turn, Thom pops in to help people make time for the things that matter. An otherwise rushed morning conquered as someone catches up on the news over a toasty mini bagel? Huzzah! Celebrating the "pop" of the toaster as it signals that your double toasted English Muffin is ready? Most definitely: Huzzah!

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