The next IBA event, a conference and exposition for baking and confectionery professionals, is slated to take place May 18–22 2025 in Dusseldorf, Germany. According to show organizers, more than 80% of the available space has already been booked. Market participants are working on developing new concepts, innovative products, and creative solutions in preparation for next year’s event. Show organizers are sharing information about the event through the multimedia campaign “Baking New Ways” on all IBA channels and beyond. 

Swapping the Isar for the Rhine and autumn for spring, IBA is relocating from Munich to Dusseldorf for its 2025 event. Until the event in May 2025, IBA’s multimedia campaign “Baking New Ways” will present various players and innovative concepts from the industry as well as highlights from the world’s leading trade fair. All of the topics have one thing in common: their significance for the baking industry. Personal stories from and for the industry will also be shared.

The focus is on one core message: as a driving force in the international industry, IBA unites with all market players to constantly reinvent itself and make progress possible. This makes the event a place for innovative and sustainable solutions at all times. 

Five exhibitors will reveal some of the novelties they will be bringing to Dusseldorf and why IBA is a special meeting place for the baking industry. Further insights into the "Baking New Ways" campaign will follow on the corresponding IBA channels. "We invite everyone to accompany us on our journey to Düsseldorf and enjoy the run-up to the industry's leading event by contributing new ideas and exchanging thoughts via social media, press, and public relations or on our website, thus helping to shape IBA. After all, the anticipation is half the fun!” affirms IBA director Susann Seidemann. 

The event will be held across a total of seven halls in the exhibition center, the size and layout of which are different to those in Munich. Organized in halls 9–15, the event promises as varied a product portfolio as ever with the same high quality. Spanning over 98,000 square meters, IBA showcases everything the global industry has to offer. Its basic structure will remain the same, divided into familiar product categories. Trends and innovations in production technology and equipment will be located in halls 9 to 13. Packaging technology will be shown in hall 9. Halls 13 and 14 will showcase artisan bakery, while raw materials and ingredients will take center stage in hall 15. 

Through the focus topics of artisan bakery, digitalization, and food trends, IBA highlights the main themes in today’s industry, unites supply and demand, and offers future direction. In the area of artisan bakery, everything revolves around traditional and modern craftsmanship and vocational training. When it comes to digitalization, IBA presents new methods for the baking industry: from process optimization and automation through artificial intelligence to the possibility of increasing customer loyalty through new sales channels. The topic of food trends looks at new products that are being launched in the global baking industry and the possibilities offered by alternative ingredients. The focus topics will be reflected within the stage program, at exhibitor stands, and in the area highlights.