Skout Organic recently released a limited-run Small Batch Cinnamon Raisin Kids Snack Bar. 

The snack bars are bursting with sweet cinnamon and raisins, reminiscent of a gooey fresh-baked cinnamon roll straight from the oven, per the brand. They are made with only five ingredients: organic dates, organic raisins, organic coconut milk powder, organic sunflower seed protein powder, and organic cinnamon.

The suggested retail price is $7.99 per six-pack, $22.99 per 18-pack, or $42.99 per 36-pack.

The Skout Organic team has been crafting better snacks for more than a decade. What started in 2009 as a homemade trailbar baked for PNW excursions has become Skout Organic as consumers know it today. A few recipes in 2018 landed the company in Austin, TX with more excitement about its snacks than it ever imagined. The introduction of a new line of Protein Bars led to the launch of its Kids Snack Bars in 2019 and its limited-time-only Small Batch flavors in 2021. Soft-Baked Cookies joined its lineup in the spring of 2023.

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