Waffles are typically associated with breakfast time, but the baked goods—often heavy and full of sugar—can weigh the eater down. Heavenly Waffles, a better-for-you line of mixes made with a dry yogurt base, seeks to alter the morning meal by giving hungry consumers a more nutritious, lighter option. To learn more, Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery checked in with two Heavenly Waffles representatives:

  • Bob Haney, founder
  • Tiffany Kurtz, CMO

Jenni Spinner: Please tell us about Chef Bob’s background before founding the company.

Tiffany Kurtz: Chef Bob Haney had been working on the formula for Heavenly Waffles for many years. He went to culinary school, not necessarily to become a chef, but to better understand the science, terminology, and business, so that when pitching Heavenly Waffles to executive chefs at major restaurant chains. 

Bob Haney: I knew what I was talking about; I was born with the ability to put flavors together and loved being in the kitchen which began with my grandmother and mother. After I finalized the batter recipe using dry yogurt vs flour, I then had to convert the batter to a shelf-stable dry mix which took five years and four food scientists. During this time, I did restaurant consulting, and menu development, and taught for five years at the Institute for Culinary Arts in Omaha.

JS: Could you please tell us how Heavenly Waffles got started?

TK: Bob’s passion and love for cooking began in his grandmother Gladys's kitchen. Throughout the years Glady taught Chef Bob how to develop flavors. Alongside Glady, Bob’s mom, Joanne, also helped Bob cultivate his taste buds. Joanne’s creative side and risk-taking approach in the kitchen helped Bob think outside the box, key traits that would later become pivotal in the success of Heavenly Waffles. As a trained Le Cordon Bleu Chef and health enthusiast, Chef Bob spent years perfecting a superior waffle/pancake mix using a dry yogurt mix for those seeking a tasty and satiating treat, snack or meal. And thus, Heavenly Waffles was born; light, fluffy, and superior-tasting. 

JS: These are the first dry yogurt base waffle and pancake mixes on the market; could you please tell us about the benefits of using dry yogurt in these mixes?

BH: Dry yogurt has a multitude of benefits. Dry yogurt is much better for the gut than flour, and plays a key role in making Heavenly waffles light and fluffy, while still being healthy. It also helps keep you satiated but not stuffed. 

JS: Tell us how you came up with the flavors. The line is a mix of flavors you might expect, as well as creative ones.

BH: As a chef-founded brand, flavor comes first. From the Original recipe to Legacy Blueberry and even Chocolate Espresso, there is a mouthwatering Heavenly Waffles flavor for everyone. New flavors are in the works! Heavenly Waffles socially listens to its customers and partners and monitors trends within the food category.

JS: Can you tell us how you made sure to balance the better-for-you benefits of the mixes with attaining great flavor and texture? Was there some trial and error involved? 

BH: There were plenty of trials, sampling, and tweaking, but the most important part of the reformations and the new flavors, was that the taste, texture (light and fluffy), and mouthfeel were crucial to the success of Heavenly Waffles. How Heavenly Waffles made people feel after eating them was also very important. Because we have replaced so much of the traditional flour with our signature dry yogurt base, you don’t feel like you need to take a nap after eating.

JS: How do you make the mixes? Are they add-water-only or are there more things to add?

BH: The mixing process (dry mix, egg, oil, and carbonated beverage or sparkling water) creates an easy, in-home culinary experience.

JS: Can you tell me what’s ahead for Heavenly Waffles—do you have plans to expand distribution, add new flavors, introduce new products, etc?

TK: The future is bright for Heavenly Waffles. We are expanding into retail, we plan to innovate yearly, as well as category expansion in the future. We have our retail brand and we continue to partner with craft restaurants, and athletic training tables.

JS: Do you have anything to add? 

BH: Do what you love and Love what you do. #NoSmallGoals