National Jerky Day, the meat-centric holiday created by Jack Link's/keywords/6296-jack-link-s, is June 12. This year, Jack Link's celebrated with a 400-foot-tall Sasquatch in the skies over the Hudson River, appearing in a drone show as part of the lead-up to National Jerky Day.

“We created National Jerky Day in 2012, because we believed this incredible product deserved a day all its own. Every year, my team challenges themselves to come up with bigger, better and more creative ways to celebrate the day. In the week leading up to June 12 this year, we want everyone to enjoy the fun we have finding Sasquatch and to celebrate the day with one of the best snacks I can think of - beef jerky,” said Troy Link, CEO of Jack Link's.

After seeing a Sasquatch mascot bigger than the Statue of Liberty, and constellations of jerky falling from the heavens, those hunting for more protein were able to buy jerky directly from the sky, thanks to a massive QR code offering 50% off a 15-item Sasquatch Care Package assortment on Amazon.

“We know our consumers love Sasquatch and they love seeing him in unexpected places. Finding Sasquatch is a fun way to engage with our consumers… so why not step it up a notch and have them look for him in the sky? We are so excited to create a drone show featuring Sasquatch and a live QR code for a special meat snack package,” said Holly LaVallie, SVP marketing at Jack Link’s.

This year’s drone show was just one of many unique and attention-grabbing National Jerky Day tributes hosted by Jack Link’s over the years. From showcasing the world’s largest bag of jerky in the Meatpacking District of New York City or creating a 1,600-pound replica of Mount Rushmore made entirely of jerky, Jack Link’s revels in bringing joy, excitement and lots of meat to consumers across the nation.

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