Bluegrass Ingredients, Inc., a R&D-based specialty food ingredients supplier, announced the release of six new butter and cream concentrate product offerings to help customers combat the rising costs of butter and shifting consumer preferences. Customers have realized savings opportunities of up to $170,000 on an annual purchase of 200,000 pounds of butter when a butter concentrate is used as a substitute.

This announcement underpins the company’s commitment to helping food manufacturers of all sizes quickly, and successfully, respond to shifting market dynamics. Viable butter and cream alternatives help manufacturers manage costs through more intense flavors, reduced freight and storage expenditures, and ease of use, without compromising on quality. These ingredients can be used at 1/5th to 1/20th of the usage rate of butter, depending on the intensity of the concentrate.

“We know the demand for butter and cream is strong both domestically and globally. Consumers’ preference for natural and high-quality fats has kept consumption high and caused many food manufacturers to develop new products with butter instead of other oils,” says Chad Mitchell, director business development concentrates, Bluegrass Ingredients. “At the same time, decreased milk production, rising input costs, and extreme weather events have created lower supplies. We are thrilled to offer options for our customers that help them navigate these shifting realities, while partnering with them to utilize these ingredients in innovative applications and end products.”

Bluegrass Ingredients is introducing a range of wet and dry butter and cream concentrates, all of which are clean label and certified Kosher:

  • Cream Cheese Concentrate Factor 5 Wet
  • Buttermilk Concentrate Factor 15 Wet
  • Butter Concentrate Factor 15 Dried
  • Brown Butter Concentrate Factor 10 Dried
  • Buttermilk Concentrate Factor 10 Dried
  • Whole Milk Concentrate Factor 6 Dried

Concentrates are created through a variety of processes, including enzymolysis, reaction flavor processes, and culturing. This process results in a product that retains the rich, creamy taste of butter but in a more potent form. Concentrate pastes can be easily integrated into a wide range of formulas and production processes, and their format ensures even distribution throughout a product. These improvements happen without any sacrifice in flavor or texture.

In addition to off-the-shelf formulations, Bluegrass Ingredients partners with customers to craft tailored concentrate formulations. This commitment to innovation and monitoring ingredient trends and market opportunities is a cornerstone of its Agile Ingredient Innovation service model, per the brand.

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