Incredo (a food tech company spearheading sugar reduction with its sugar-based sugar reduction solution Incredo Sugar), and Sucro Limited (a North American cane sugar market solutions provider) have announced a comprehensive manufacturing and commercial distribution agreement. Starting this month, Incredo Sugar will be added to Sucro’s portfolio of value-added specialty products, connecting with customers looking to reduce sugar in baked goods and confectionery products, such as cakes, snacks, cookies, candy, spreads, protein bars, and more. The engagement between the two companies will expand distribution opportunities in addition to Incredo’s direct sales channels.

Incredo Sugar, a sugar-based reduction solution made from real cane sugar, is said to deliver the same sweet taste with up to 50% less sugar, without using any sugar alcohols. As consumers across the globe, especially in the U.S., continue to prioritize health and nutrition, Incredo Sugar provides food manufacturers and CPGs with an opportunity to significantly reduce sugar in their products while still delivering the sweet taste that consumers prefer.

“Sucro is a leader in sugar supply chain innovation and works closely with customers in providing a range of enhanced purchasing options. This also supports Sucro’s new refinery construction in University Park, IL in meeting increased market demand for more value-added specialty products," says Matt Dyer, managing director of SweetLife by Sucro. “We are thrilled to partner with Incredo for the manufacturing and distribution of Incredo Sugar in the U.S. Incredo's innovative sugar reduction approach aligns perfectly with Sucro's continued commitment to providing customers industry-leading innovation”.  

According to Incredo, there is a critical need for improved confectionery solutions, demonstrated by recent findings. Recent surveys of American adults reveal that 47% of consumers are actively seeking healthier confectionery options, and 70% are looking to incorporate more low-sugar products into their diets. Additionally, with the growing body of research and recommendations from the WHO linking various artificial sweeteners to blood clotting, stroke, and even death, and the negative association between consuming sugar alcohols and gastrointestinal issues, the industry is seeing a significant shift as consumers increasingly avoid purchasing products containing these sweeteners.

"We are prepared to meet the growing consumer demand for lower sugar products with our commercial-ready solution. Our collaboration with Sucro will allow us to distribute Incredo Sugar to an array of new customers seeking innovative ways to reduce sugar," says Kelly Thompson, co-CEO of Incredo. "We are honored to partner with a company that champions innovation within a traditional industry, dedicated to creating solutions that benefit the planet."

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