There’s a new look to Check out our exclusive online-only articles on our Web site, says editor Dan Malovany.

Yes, now you can read Web-only columns and exclusive previews of features that will run in upcoming issues in our print magazine on our newly renovated Web site. Here, you’ll find our original online-only columns, including observations by Marina Mayer, our managing editor, and Jeff Dearduff, our award-winning columnist. And, then there’s, uh, me.

    As you know, Jeff’s the expert when it comes to anything involving engineering, production and management of an operation. Marina offers her wonderfully unique perspective from someone who is more of a regular, young consumer than an industry observer, like, you know, someone like me.
    It took us a while to develop this site because we didn’t want it to create yet-another, me-too one. We want to give you information that is generated through our visits to bakeries, our tours with snack producers and our daily effort to bang the phones and ask those questions that any good reporter does.

    At the same time, we’d like to take the news and report it as we see it from being industry observers and from other perspectives.

    As the New Year progresses, we hope to add new features, one by one, in a way that serves the industry as best as possible. We’re looking to add podcasts, video and other features, but please don’t tell us that we have to “blog.”

    It sounds like a bodily movement.

    Yes, we want to develop in a way that provides unique value to you. Please send us your comments on what content we might add and, especially, what information and insights might be best for the snack and baking industries.

    What’s on your mind? We wanna know.

    My e-mail address is