Berndorf Band Engineering introduced the bernmatic BTRV belt-tracking roller, designed to improve product quality and provide precise belt tracking for precision, right down the line.

The Austrian-based company’s ability to simulate the tracking of any steel belt application is used to make the bernmatic system reliable and life saving. An inductive sensor checks belt speed while an optical or mechanical belt edge sensor checks the actual belt edge position.

The belt-tracking roller comes with a touch panel that controls functions while displaying the tracking history of the belt. It also includes leading automation components to ensure that the bernmatic system can be linked to a super-ordinate control and visualization system within the plant. Recorded data and messages are displayed on the monitor and integrated into the system.

The equipment also allows for easy integration into existing systems and better control of belt tracking independent of speed. Plus, its compact design makes for easy installation, start-up and maintenance.

The bernmatic belt-tracking roller is available for belt widths up to five meters and comes with an Underwriters Laboratory certification.

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Editor’s Note:Berndorf Band Engineering provided information for this article.