Check out this team of innovative inclusions, oils, beans and more.

Almonds bring the perfect balance to any meal, and people are eating them right up, according to the Almond Board of California. In fact, research shows that more than 70% of surveyed consumers are more interested in a dish or a product when it contains almonds. That’s not only good for your customers - it’s good for your business, too.

The Almond Board of California
Modesto, Calif.

Danisco introduces GRINDSTED cellulose gum, which is highly purified and is developed to suit various functional properties for the bakery market. GRINDSTED ensures a cost-optimized consistent performance, follows good manufacturing practices (GMPs) and hazard analysis and critical control point (HACCP) regulations and is ISO certified.

Danisco USA Inc.
New Century, Mo.

Asoyia’s ULTRA Low Linolenic Soybean Oils are specialty soy oils containing less than 1.5% linolenic acid content, a polyunsaturated fatty acid. Compared to “low lin” soy oils containing 3% linolenic acid, ultra-low-lin oils have the lowest linolenic acid content available in a soy oil today. While the difference may seem minimal, the distinction lies in the formulation and savings advantages to its users. Ultra-low-lin oils remain stable two to three times longer than commodity oils and deliver longer fryer life with little flavor transfer.

Iowa City, Iowa

VegeFull, Archer Daniels Midland’s product line of bean ingredients, provides a convenient way for food manufacturers to take advantage of the many nutritional benefits of beans when creating better-for-you foods. Beans are the only food to appear in both the vitamin-packed vegetable group and the protein-dense meat and beans group of the USDA Food Guide Pyramid. This all-natural food staple is full of protein, fiber and beneficial nutrients, offers convenient storage and handling and provides a lean, cholesterol-free alternative to meat. Additionally, they can be used in several applications such as snacks, baked goods, breads and more.

Archer Daniels Midland Co.
Decatur, Ill.

Clabber Girl introduced InnovaPhase, a product line that uses a proven system of encapsulated technology. The line includes InnovaBake, an encapsulated leavening system with a precision control capability, InnovaYield, a specially formulated dough conditioner for use with frozen batters and dough and InnovaFresh, a preserving system that controls chemical reactions in order to lower moisture absorption and extend shelf life.

Clabber Girl Corp.
Terre Haute, Ind.

Cargill’s Healthy Cookie Base makes it easy to create whole grain cookies and bars with added fiber. Packed with good-for-you, proprietary ingredients, this versatile, convenient base delivers 57.5% total whole grains, more than 25% total dietary fiber and 0 g. trans fat. Plus, it provides a mild taste, softer texture and broader appeal among adults and kids.

Cargill, Inc.
Minneapolis, Minn.

Nabitor from AB Mauri Fleischmann’s is an all-natural mold inhibitor that replaces chemically produced mold inhibitors in all bakery applications aimed at healthy-oriented consumers. Nabitor was tested against typical chemical mold inhibitors as well as other natural mold inhibitors in bread produced using conventional no-time dough and sponge-and-dough processes. In both studies, the shelf life of the bread increased.

AB Mauri Fleischmann’s
Chesterfield, Mo.

Cakesoft is the latest innovation in extended shelf life launched by Caravan Ingredients. This product greatly reduces cake staling by keeping cake soft, moist and resilient for at least 60 days. Extend shelf life in any cake from large gourmet cakes to snack cakes and muffins while retaining moistness, tenderness and taste. Cakesoft also allows for refrigerated storage of cake and inhibits mold growth.

Caravan Ingredients
Lenexa, Kans.

Van Drunen Farms offers low-moisture, cane sugar-infused blueberries that provide the same great flavor and quality attributes of the standard fructose-infused blueberries.
These plump little superfruits offer a sweet and tangy taste, are a good source of fiber and are high in antioxidant benefits. Applications might include bakery mixes for scones, breads and muffins and add-ins for pastry fillings and snack mixes. 

Van Drunen Farms
Momence, Ill.

Briess Malt & Ingredients relaunched its Web site,, offering expanded information on the Briess line of all-natural, grain- and starch-based ingredients, applications, recipes and formulating solutions. Designed to be an easy-to-navigate tool, the updated look incorporates the company’s “put a better label on the table” campaign, which focuses on the ability of Briess ingredients to deliver natural functionality, flavor, color and texture while helping achieve label claims including natural, healthy, Kosher, organic, non-GMO, whole grain, gluten-free, trans fat-free, low fat, high fiber and no artificial colors, flavors, additives or preservatives.

Briess Malt & Ingredients Co.
Chilton, Wis.

Natural Products launched Scotsman’s Mill Whole Egg Replacer (BLUE100). At less than half the current price of whole egg powder, this Kosher-certified egg replacer can restore 35%-100% of the whole eggs in a wide range of sweet baked products including cookies, muffins, donuts and cakes.

Natural Products, Inc.
Grinnell, Iowa

*Photo courtesy of Danisco