The Illinois Soybean Association (ISA) selected Craig Ratajczyk as chief executive officer, replacing W. Lyle Roberts, Jr., who retires Sept. 1. In this position, Ratajczyk will be directing ISA’s strategic and tactical planning efforts and providing leadership to nearly all departments and programs.

Ratajczyk has been serving as ISA’s senior director since 2009. He also coordinated ISA’s 2011 strategic plan to align with national and international soybean efforts.

“We look forward to working with Craig as CEO. He has extensive experience in promoting U.S. soybeans overseas, and we expect he will use that experience to maintain the leadership position Illinois ahs held in the soybean industry,” says Ron Moore, ISA chairman. “We anticipate a smooth transition that will continue to benefit Illinois soybean farmers, just as Craig has done for the past year.”

Ratajczyk previously served as director for global issues and alliances for the U.S. Soybean Export Council, Inc., and has held several positions with the American Soybean Association’s International Marketing program.