The American and Peruvian teams won the first selection rounds of the Louis Lesaffre Cup Baking competition and are now on their way to the Bakery World Cup in Paris.

During the International Baking Industry Exposition (IBIE) show in Las Vegas, Sept. 26-29, eight countries competed in the Louis Lesaffre Cup Baking competition, including Canada, Costa  Rica,  United  States,  Mexico  (North  and  Central America), Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Peru (South America). 

After nearly a year of training (individually and as a team), the USA group approached the competition with flair and serenity. Traditionally qualified for the World Cup, the challenge was to win this pre-selection without fail.

The Americas zone selection rounds were organized during the show and each of the eight teams comprised three candidates, competing in three categories: Bread, Viennese pastry and artistic piece.

The event is in its third edition, with a high level of expertise shown by the participants. These three days of competition were a rich mosaic of meetings, discoveries and contacts, according to Coupe Louis LeSaffre. Despite the stress, the candidates were pleased and proud to have
represented their countries. “Even more than a professional experience, the Louis Lesaffre Cup is a real experience of life,” declared one Mexican baker.

The last team to join the competition, the Peruvian team, only had two months to prepare. With non-stop, 12-hour training sessions and eight-hour competition rehearsals, the team prepared full-speed. The team came in second in the second edition of the Louis Lesaffre Cup in 2007, and was determined to win this year. Buoyed by the enthusiastic applause of their supporters, the team members were very excited by the result. They hope to use this award to modernize the image of Peruvian bakery. It’s also a chance to improve the quality of bread in their country.

Next up for both the Americans and the Peruvians is a trip to Paris, Jan. 22-26, 2011, for the European zone selection rounds, which will be hosted by the SIRHA Show in Lyons, France. Twelve countries will be in contention to carry off one of the three places in the Bakery World Cup.

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