Company: Salem Baking Co., Winston-Salem, N.C.
Introduced: June
Distribution: National
Suggested Retail: Moravian = $5.49 for a 5.5-oz. package; Chocolate-dipped = $6.99 for a 5.5-oz. package
Product Snapshot:Featured in brightly colored packaging with commissioned artwork for each variety is a line of chocolate-dipped Moravian cookies, accented with a new blend of artisan chocolates that lines the backs of the wafers. Each cookie is made from a blend of milk and dark chocolates. The new family of flavors comes in Toasted Coconut, Sugar with Vanilla Bean, Artisan Blend Chocolate, Ginger with Brown Sugar and Cinnamon, Pomegranate Lime with a Hint of Sea Salt, Cinnamon with Brown Sugar and Meyer Lemon with Vanilla Bean, and the chocolate-dipped assortment is available in Chocolate Dipped Sugar with Vanilla Bean, Chocolate Dipped Toasted Coconut, Chocolate Dipped Mint and Chocolate Dipped Artisan Blend.
Ingredients (Toasted Coconut):Unbleached and un-bromated wheat flour, granulated sugar, palm oil, whole eggs, toasted coconut (coconut, sugar, water, propylene glycol), water, natural coconut cream extract, baking soda, non-fat dry milk, salt, natural butter flavoring, natural milk extract.