From Innovation to Creation
By Maria Pilar Clark
Copenhagen-based Aasted-Mikroverk, a 70-year-old maker of chocolate production machines and moulding lines, is among the industry’s leaders for quality and performance. Aasted-Mikroverk prides itself on the uniqueness and traditional simplicity of its “Scandinavian” designs — in line with the founding family’s strong traditions for making chocolate equipment.
Countries around the globe operate Aasted-Mikroverk moulding lines, which can run day and night, producing some of the world’s most sought after brands. The company’s chain lines, “loose mould” lines, steel-belt lines and Danish-innovation Eriksen roller lines are available in production capacities from 220 lbs. to 22,000 lbs. per hour.
“Process equipment for one-shot, triple-shot, solid moulding, traditional shell moulding, cold pressing of chocolate (FrozenCone) and belt depositing are a great part of our business,” says managing director Allan Aasted.
“Experience has [taught] us to make our equipment so flexible that today it also goes superbly with lines from any of our fellow manufacturers,” he adds.
There are a number of depositors available with a range of versions, which come with standard options or customized options to fit customer specifications. Basic system platforms include one of two models — the EP-2 for low- to medium-capacity flexible plants and the SE-12 for medium- to high-capacity lines. Both systems have stainless-steel framing.
The variety of products the models can handle is expansive, from thin liquor to jam, from tempered chocolate to cream, caramel and even toffee. Additionally, other ingredients and aerated masses can be deposited using these systems.
Aasted-Mikroverk has given attention to the needs of its customers when it comes to the issue of sanitation. Its systems ensure easy cleanup because of strong steel construction and the fast withdrawal of depositor heads, which can be turned to the off-line position for easy access from all sides.
The company is also a pro when it comes to tempering machines, including its AMC SuperShear tempering machine — the latest from a long line of technologically advanced systems from Aasted-Mikroverk. Its roots date back to 1946, when, in Denmark, the company’s founder, Dr. K. Aasted, invented the world’s first continuous chocolate plate tempering system, which has since become a cornerstone of the confectionery industry.
The AMC SuperShear system provides optimal tempering with a patented SuperShearScraper and ensures process control with a SuperResponse system. Available in capacity ranges from 330 lbs. per hour up to 19,400 lbs. per hour, the AMC SuperShear tempering machine program covers all possible moulding and enrobing requirements for the customer.
For example, when an application involves enrobing, and excess mass is returned to the tempering machine, the AMC SuperShear is equipped with a premodulating zone, which ensures complete de-crystallization and a constant temperature for the in-feed of the returned mass.
“Research and ongoing innovation is the heart of our business — for which we all feel is the daily challenge,” says Aasted. “This is really what ensures for our customers a vital competitive edge.”
This competitive edge is what keeps Aasted-Mikroverk heads above the rest. From innovation to creation, the company is focused on providing its customers with quality machinery designed to produce the best product possible — tried and true values the company has upheld for decades.