APV Baker’s web Site has a new Section (www.apvbaker.com/cookie) and Features Information on Equipment and Services Provided to North American-based Cookie and Cracker Manufacturers­, Including a List of “in-stock” Machinery Currently Available From apv Baker. the “in-stock” Machinery Currently Includes a Rebuilt 390 Rotary Moulder, a new Em390 Rotary Moulder and a new sm World Wirecut. apv Baker Also Purchases Selected Used Bakery Equipment. Contact Kari Patton at 616-784-3111.

Hinds-Bock is your source for accurate, clean, reliable liquid or wet viscous product filling and depositing machines for use over vertical and horizontal form-fill-seal machines. Hinds-Bock machines range from small, simple machines to the largest comprehensive custom filling machines. Servo-driven pump, pneumatic piston and servo-driven piston machines are available. The Hinds-Bock 3P-32 piston filling machine for Horizontal Vacuum Formers is ideal for accurate, clean filling of a wide range of products. Positive shutoff spouts are used to maintain a clean seal zone. The 3P-32 fills from fractions of an oz. to up to 32 fluid oz. per piston. Unique PLC controls make this machine versatile enough to run over a 1-up to a 6-up package configuration.1-877-292-5715.

Reading Bakery Systems introduces its Fried Snack Extruder, a flexible machine for low pressure extrusion of both baked and fried snack products. Ideal for the production of fried snacks, it has a taller and more open support frame that allows for easy mating with frying equipment and the installation of optional free-float sections to discharge cut product into a fryer. The system manages dough flow for optimum consistency from the time it enters the infeed hopper through cut-off at the die face by the high-speed bandcutter. The Fried Snack Extruder can be positioned above the infeed of a fryer, or product can be transferred to a fryer (or oven) with an optional transfer conveyor. 1-610-693-5816.

Wire Belt announces the Flat-Flex XT. An alternative to balanced weave belts, the Flat-Flex XT is ideal for medium-duty processing applications in food and other industrial applications. It has lower belt mass than balanced weave belting styles, resulting in lower power consumption, faster processing and more product throughput. The Flat-Flex XT’s wire mesh is uniquely designed with “Z-bend” joints to provide greater strength with higher durability and longevity. The spacing layout on the XT features more belt joints in a given belt width to impart less stress among the belt joints for less severe metal fatigue. The belt has an open-mesh configuration and a no-slip positive drive, which make it easy to clean and maintain while eliminating the need for complicated tracking mechanisms.1-603-644-2500.

O/K International’s T-PAKTM 550 system is equipped with a flat conveyor and a foam compression belt. Bags containing product travel down the conveyor and under the foam compression belt, which takes the air out of the bag without harming the product. The bags then enter the OK Supersealer to get the “Perfect Seal.” Models are available in stainless steel or a painted format, and systems can be customized to meet application requirements. Contact Ann Kellett at 1-508-303-8286.

Kofab’s Curveyor has powered and customized belts ideal for food processing and material handling. Bi-directional product flow and a center-driven belt are suitable for right-handed or left-handed functionality. Other features include tight transfers, versatility, a sanitary design and low maintenance. 1-515-295-7265.

Dorner’s Engineer’s Special Products (ESP) program has solutions to many common pizza manufacturing challenges. ESP is a program that gives extra attention to building conveyors with unique dimensions and characteristics above and beyond the dimensions of Dorner’s regular conveyor platforms. Because all of Dorner’s conveyors are made to order, building an ESP MPB Series conveyor for a customer or making other modifications to one of the company’s six conveyor platforms is easy. 1-800-397-8664.

The new DataFlex Plus thermal transfer overprinter (TTO) from Videojet Technologies offers the industry’s highest reliability, lowest cost of ownership and simplest operation for high-resolution coding on flexible packaging and labels. The TTO unit provides on-line printing of variable and real-time data, including expiration dates, batch/lot codes, ingredients/parts listings, bar codes and logos. The DataFlex Plus has an intuitive 8.4-inch SVGA graphical user interface and color touch screen with easy-to-learn icon-based controls. The standard WYSIWYG job display features a zoom facility to reduce operator error and minimize the potential for printing incorrect codes. Three levels of password protection provide added security. 1-800-843-3610.

Reading Bakery Systems has developed a new Flexible Snack System. The system helps innovative producers bring their new ideas to the market without sacrificing efficiency or profitability. The RBS LP (Low Pressure) Extruders deliver a wide variety of product shapes to the Spectrum oven. The Smart Zone at the beginning of the oven provides flexibility by applying both radiation and convection. In addition, RBS pioneered two-pass baking to efficiently manage the distinct requirements of baking versus drying. Product possibilities include mini window panes, shaped crackers, mini-bagels, co-extruded sticks and more. In addition, T.L. Green Biscuit & Cracker, a division of Reading Bakery Systems, offers sheeted snack and chip equipment to complete a line for a whole new range of healthy sheeted, baked snacks. 1-610-693-5816.

Safeline introduces its Series 10 X-ray inspection system. The system features high-performance technology that offers various solutions to detecting and rejecting contaminants and measuring product mass. 1-800-447-4439.

Wire Belt announces the Flex-Turn 380, the newest conveyor belt in its CarrySmart line of stainless steel Flex-Turn conveyors. The Flex-Turn 380 features an open structure, an 800-mm inside turning radius, an extremely tight-pitch belt and the smallest product transfer offered by any of the Flex-Turn conveyors. Like all other products in the CarrySmart line, the Flex-Turn 380 is made with Flat-Flex stainless steel belting and is customizable. Standard height is adjustable from 36 to 40 in., with custom heights available. 1-603-644-2500.

The WTI tray loader from Sigpack Systems, a Bosch Packaging Technology company, is designed with a small footprint, saving customers more than 60% in operational space while still providing considerable power. The tray loader is also versatile in its applications and is suitable for rectangular, round, oval, sandwich, coated, additive, on pile, shingled-shaped or staggered-shaped biscuits. The machine also is easy to maintain and has a built-in self-recovering system. The inside of the machine is accessible by all sides and has few parts to clean.

Hinds-Bock Corp. introduces its new servo-driven fruit spreading machine, ideal for dispensing and spreading delicate fruit products containing large particulates such as cobbler and pie filling without damaging the large fruit pieces. The machine gives uniform lead-edge to trail-edge, side-to-side coverage without plugging or bridging, eliminating the labor typically associated with hand spreading to achieve coverage. A friendly operator interface panel with servo drive allows the operator to tune the deposit amount and speed. A positive shutoff mechanism ensures clean deposits.1-425-885-1183.

Toray Plastics (America), Inc. announces the launch of a redesigned, simplified customer-focused Web site. The new design allows customers to enjoy swifter navigation throughout the site, including within their secure online accounts. The “Film Selection Wizard,” a unique new feature of torayfilms.com, enables all users to quickly identify their preferred film and read about the film’s properties and applications. Updated data sheets also are available. Additionally, users will find content about the company and its employment opportunities, as well as news announcements and contact information. 1-401-294-4511.

Robert’s Packaging, Inc. introduces its IMFS-1500 Intermittent Motion System for packaging a wide variety of products in pre-made stand-up/zipper-style packages. The IMFS-1500 model offers a broad size range capability for pre-made pouch and bag styles, including stand-up/zipper, stand-up/slider and side-gusset “quad”/zipper-style packages. Pouches and bags are filled and sealed at speeds up to 40 ppm. The IMFS-1500 is designed to meet USDA standards for washdown applications. Contact Dennis Calamusa at ALLIEDFLEX at 1-941-923-1181.

Hinds Bock Corp. has decades of experience providing high-quality liquid and moist particulate fillers for use over vertical or horizontal f/f/s machines. Its models SP-64 and SP-160 are used over vertical f/f/s machines and feature a long-reach positive shutoff spout with an adjustable blow-off feature to maintain a clean seal zone and accurate fills. Its models 2P-64 and 3P-32 are used over horizontal vacuum formers. In addition to positive shutoff spouts, options are available for difficult applications such as agitated hoppers, diving spouts, traveling spouts and heated or cooled machines. 1-425-885-1183.

Safeline introduces its PowerPhase PRO metal detection system, offering cutting-edge technology and solutions for the baking industry. The new system is ideally suited for use in dry applications, as well as harsh washdown environments. 1-800-447-4439.

Grote’s SNP-505 Modular Slicer is ideal for pizza line and pizza roll automation and single lane applications requiring both targeting and slicing capabilities. It slices and applies meat and cheese products directly onto moving targets including small pizza crusts and continuous dough sheets as they pass underneath. With its cantilevered and modular design, the SNP-505 is set directly over the production line. Its flexible design allows the slicing head to be adjusted to the desired height, and the frame can be reversed for left-handed or right-handed operation. Production rates are adjustable up to 120 strokes per minute. The SNP-505 is made of stainless steel and its operation is easily controlled with a user-friendly keypad. 1-888-534-7683.

The Champion Model XRS Depositors from CMC America Corp. produce wire-cut type cookies and place them directly onto oven bands or waxed paper, ready for baking, packaging or freezing. The depositor also provides aggressive feed rolls that provide continuous, consistent dough feed; sanitary washdown design for the entire system; a precise wire-cutting system with filler-block die with accurate piece weights and much more. Its portable design allows for easy relocation and its belt-lifting device at drop point allows for better product placement. 1-815-726-4336.

Hinds-Bock’s new Servo Driven Icing Depositor is ideal for accurate spreading of icings, creams, custards, fruit fillings and mousse. The entire depositor dives for bottom-up depositing via servo motor. Metering pistons are driven by a servo motor to tune the spreading of product to minimize or eliminate downstream hand dressing. Operator interface/PLC control is recipe-driven for easy setup. Tool free tilting of the hopper and spout plate enables quick and easy disassembly and cleaning. 1-877-292-5715.