Big Mac is sharpening its French accent. In France, the fast-food giant is prepping to offer a burger served on baguette, part of a wider effort to add more locally inspired fare to its menu and attract more upscale diners.

Beginning April 18 and running for six weeks, the 1,228 McDonald's restaurants across France will feature the “McBaguette,” with a burger topped with French-made Emmental cheese and mustard. It will replace the chain's current special offer: three limited-edition burgers featuring locally produced cheeses.

The move is in line with the U.S. company's successful global strategy of updating its restaurants to appeal to a broader clientele, while offering a more varied menu, up and down the price scale. In France that involves tapping into a national obsession: Bread.

In fact, France is a major fan of the baguette. A recent study for the Sandwich and Snack trade fair in Paris showed that 65% of the 2 billion sandwiches sold each year in France are baguette-based.

French McCafés are currently serving baguettes for breakfast, as well as macarons. Both products are supplied by Groupe Holder, owner of Ladurée and the Paul bakery chain.