A voluntary food-labeling system set to launch in supermarkets across the U.K. will include a combination of guideline daily amounts, the traffic light system and the words “high, medium, low” to indicate how much fat, salt, sugar and calories are in each product. The nationwide rollout should be complete there next year.

“The U.K. already has the largest number of products with front-of-pack labels in Europe, but research has shown that consumers get confused by the wide variety of labels used,” says public health minister Anna Soubry. “By having a consistent system, we will all be able to see at a glance what is in our food. This will help us all choose healthier options and control our calorie intake.”

The move follows a three-month consultation with the food industry about what a consistent, clear front-of-pack label should look like. Further talks will occur in the coming weeks over the exact design of the labels.

Source: www.marketingweek.co.uk