The National Confectioners Association's Confectionery Foundation has established the Rockaway Disaster Relief Fund to help aid in the recovery of the Rockaway Peninsula, a peninsula of Long Island in the New York City borough of Queens that sustained severe damage from Hurricane Sandy in late October. Rockaway Peninsula is home to more than 10 communities, including Rockaway Beach, home to one of NCA’s long-standing and valued members, Madelaine Chocolate. Jorge Farber, president and CEO of Madelaine Chocolate, is executor of the fund.

“Jorge is on the ground in the community and will have a deep understanding of how our donations can best be used by various local organizations,” said NCA president Larry Graham. “There are many people trying to help the community, but the needs are tremendous at this time, and our donations will make a difference to the local police and fire departments, food banks and community shelters.”

All donations are tax-deductible and 100% of the funds will directly benefit the Rockaway Disaster Relief Fund. Donations will be accepted through Wednesday, Nov. 14. Donations can be made via an online donation form at

NCA says it has been in touch with many of its members in the areas that received the most damage to ensure the safety of their employees and facilities. Some NCA members have contacted the organization to offer help with maintenance, storage and other services to companies impacted by the recent storms. NCA says that anyone who knows an industry member affected by the hurricane and in need of help should contact the organization at