Ghost Pizza Kitchen is serving up authentic New York pizza in Los Angeles, courtesy of New York Watermaker’s patent-pending water source replication system. Owner Benjamin George Sales II opened Ghost Pizza Kitchen so locals could indulge in authentic New York pizza.

Ghost Pizza Kitchen has three locations in Los Angeles—one on Melrose Avenue, one on North Western Avenue and another on North Glenoaks Avenue in Burbank. Over the next two years they are projecting another five locations.

“I wanted to fill a void in the New York pizza scene in Los Angeles where I melded multiple worlds from authentic food to amazing guest experiences wrapped up in a fun, vibrant brand,” said Sales. “You can certainly find New York-style pizza, but there wasn’t any truly authentic New York pizza until we opened our doors. And we have New York Watermaker to thank for this accomplishment. By way of taste, we have created the true New York experience.”

Sales has been a part of the restaurant scene for many years, so opening Ghost Pizza Kitchen was a natural next step in his impressive career. Sales previously served as director of operations for Chipotle where he oversaw the Los Angeles market and assisted with the operations of Chipotle's sister brand Shop House.

“We’re thrilled to be working with Ben and the Ghost Pizza Kitchen brand. Ben’s a well-rounded entrepreneur with a clear vision for growing into a national brand. Ghost Pizza Kitchen is an emerging player in the pizza space with several locations due to open in the coming year,” said New York Watermaker VP of Sales, Gary Lane. “New York Watermaker is proud to have been integrated into the model to support quality and consistency across all Ghost Pizza Kitchen locations. Our system will assure from a water standpoint, that all locations will have a matching water profile with characteristics like NY water for authentic NY pizza. We’ve been with Ghost Pizza Kitchen from the beginning, and we’re excited to take the expansion journey with them.”

When Sales was asked how the New York Watermaker system has improved his business, he replied, “The water has helped create a crust that is undeniably delicious to anyone who tastes it. It also creates great conversation with customers. They see the system in our store or the NYWM logo on our website and ask what it is. Once I tell them that it’s the system that replicates NY water—the key ingredient in our dough - more times than not their response is that they’ve heard NY water is reason their pizza is so good.”

In addition to serving sumptuous New York pizza, Ghost Pizza Kitchen is also a unique establishment, according to Sales. “Our guest experience is like no other. When it comes to dealing with our guests, we pride ourselves on being proactive—and not reactive. We train everyone on our staff how to read body language and facial expressions to either confirm that patrons are enjoying their meals or to immediately realize an opportunity to improve their experience if it isn’t meeting their expectations. Our guests compliment us on our crust and often comment that they normally don’t eat all the crust unless it’s from Ghost Pizza Kitchen."

In addition to using the NY Watermaker system to make their pizza dough, Ghost Pizza Kitchen also uses the water for their sauce, ice, and soda.