Awrey Bakeries, Livonia, Mich., gave written notice late November that it may lay off about 150 workers—and possibly shut down—unless it finds a buyer or investor.

By federal law, Awrey’s must give workers or their union representatives at least 60 days’ notice. Workers said that their union, United Distributive Workers, Council 30, had warned them before the notice was issued that layoffs and a shutdown were a possibility.

The company declined to comment.

Joe Silva, president of UDW, Council 30, says he and the company hope mass layoffs can be avoided. “I have faith someone is going to step up to the plate,” he says. “They don’t want the plant to shut down.”

Awrey Bakeries was founded in 1910 by Fletcher and Elizabeth Awrey. It remained in the Awrey family for 95 years, until it filed for bankruptcy protection in 2005 and was sold to Monomoy Capital Partners and Hilco Equity Management for $25 million about six months later.

Source: Detroit Free Press