Honoring the paczkiIt’s not just a plain old jelly donut. Popular around the country during Mardi Gras, paczkis, the delicious, baked and filled treat are easier to eat than their name is to pronounce. No one agrees on how to pronounce the name, paczki, which in Poland, is pronounced “pooch-key,” “poonch-key” or “pounch-key.” Either way, they’re a tasty treat that I’m told means “little package” in Polish.

The round, glazed or sugar-coated, fruit-filled pastries are often anything but little. Some bakers make them the size of a softball. They’re traditionally served up in Poland and elsewhere annually on the day before Lent. Originally, they were made to use up lard and eggs, as those ingredients were prohibited during Lent. Now, they’re more of a last-minute binge of sweet treats.

The large doughballs are usually rich in egg yolks and deep fried like a donut. Light and spongy, they resemble a round eclair, Bismarck or jelly donut but are quite rich. Besides eggs, the dough contains plenty of fats, sugar and sometimes milk. Each paczki is also filled with a generous helping of raspberry, apple, strawberry, custard, lemon, peach, cream cheese or prune preserves. Then, they’re topped with a smooth sugar glaze or powdered sugar or rolled in fine granulated sugar. Bakers don’t skimp on the calories when making paczkis.

Celebrated in Chicago, Buffalo and Boston, paczkis and Pączki Day (also Fat Tuesday, Shrove Tuesday or Mardi Gras) are also popular in Toledo, Cleveland, Detroit, Grand Rapids, Milwaukee, South Bend, Windsor, and many other cities, according to Wikipedia. There are even paczki parades, paczki-eating contests and polka dances at some schools and Mardi Gras festivals.

In light of all the better-for-you, healthier eating movements today, paczkis might seem like the opposite of a “smart treat.” But on Mardi Gras, which is a day to indulge and a day signifying the winding down of Carnival season, one paczki is plenty but memorable, and reminds me of times past. Bakers should be credited with producing such delightful treats, which I hear are anything but simple to make.

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Enjoy our March issue. In other words, Smacznego!, which is Polish for tasty or here’s wishing you a tasty meal. I wouldn’t suggest making a meal out of paczkis, but you certainly must try one.