The Kellogg Co., Battle Creek, Mich., says it progressed on delivering health and wellness to the marketplace in 2012, according to its fifth global corporate responsibility report, which was released April 22.

During the year, Kellogg says it launched a variety of new products to address consumer health needs, kicked off two marketing campaigns designed to motivate children to stay fit, rolled out a new “Facts Up Front” product-labeling program in the U.S. and launched an improved version of Special K Protein Plus to make it more relevant for today’s consumers.

“Nutrition enhancements to existing products help us to succeed in the marketplace,” notes John Bryant, president and CEO. “Enhancements such as adding fiber, whole grains or protein to a product are good for our consumers and good for our business, as demonstrated by increased sales. With all of our products, from our kitchen to yours, we take pride in making nourishing, enjoyable foods that are sourced, produced and marketed responsibly.”

Other new and updated products introduced in 2012 and early 2013 that respond to consumer nutrition needs include several Special K foods with protein, including cereal, breakfast shakes, flatbread breakfast sandwiches and several snacks, such as granola bars, which were developed for consumers looking to manage their weight.

Kellogg also says varieties of Rice Krispies and Mini Wheats were reformulated to contain two times the folic acid of earlier versions and two additions to the Eggo waffle line, rolled out in 2012, include a product with added protein (8 g. in a two-waffle serving) and another with 50% less fat than the original Eggo waffle.