Having made Carlo’s, his own family-run neighborhood bakery a success, Buddy Valastro, known around the world as the “Cake Boss,” understands the challenges of running a business and the complications of doing it with relatives at your side. Now, Valastro will spend time helping families in crisis in his new Cake Boss TV series called Bakery Boss, which will take viewers across the country with Valastro as he brings his skills and baking expertise to help other bakers by evaluating their every ingredient and technique and challenging them to make big changes all in an effort to transform their crumbling dreams into a sweet success.

Bakery Boss will feature 12 bakeries, including Violet's Bake Shop, a Hungarian Jewish Bakery in Fresh Meadows, N.Y. The bakery needs Valastro’s help because Violet’s son quit his job to help out at the bakery. Now, the business is split in two and suffering. Violet won’t let anyone make any changes to the bakery and her husband spends thousands of dollars to keep the doors open. When Valastro discovers that most of the bakery’s baked goods are bought from an outside supplier, can he convince a stubborn Violet that changes need to be made to bring the business and family back together? Valastro points out that if they don't make changes, they won't be able to turn the business around. The first episode airs Dec. 2.